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Best NPK fertilizer for peanut

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Peanuts are leguminous crops and are one of the main varieties of high-quality edible oil. Peanuts need to absorb a lot of nutrients during their growth and development, but the amount of fertilizer required for peanuts at different stages of development is different. The following is a summary of how to fertilize peanuts in various periods, I hope everyone can refer to it in the actual fertilization process.

Best NPK fertilizer for peanut

How to fertilize peanuts in different periods

Best NPK fertilizer for peanut

1. Seedling. Nodules began to form at the seedling stage, but the nitrogen fixation capacity was very weak. This period was a period of nitrogen starvation and was very sensitive to nitrogen deficiency. Therefore, peanuts that are not applied with base fertilizer or with insufficient base fertilizer should be top-dressed during this period.

2. Flowering needle stage. During this period, the plants grow faster, and the plants bloom and form fruit needles, and the demand for nutrients increases sharply. The nodule's ability to fix nitrogen is enhanced, which can provide more nitrogen, and the absorption of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium has reached a peak in this period.

3. Podging period. The nitrogen and phosphorus required by the pod can be supplied by the root, ovary stalk, and ovary at the same time, and the calcium required mainly depends on the pod itself. Therefore, when the result layer lacks calcium, it is easy to appear empty fruit and fruit.

4. Fruit ripe period. During this period, the vegetative growth tends to stop, the absorption of nutrients decreases, and the nutrients gradually move into the pods. Since the absorption function of the root system is reduced during this period, it is necessary to strengthen the top-dressing of the roots to extend the functional period of the leaves and increase the rate of fruit satiation.

Precautions for peanut fertilization

Best NPK fertilizer for peanut

1. Phenomenon deficiency in peanuts is an external reflection of the internal nutritional status of peanuts, which should be diagnosed in time and corresponding fertilization measures should be taken.

2. The characteristics of peanut fertilization are proper control of nitrogen fertilizer, additional application of phosphorus and potassium fertilizers, and foliar application of multi-element micro-fertilizers.

3. The high yield of peanuts must be balanced and fertilized, and at the same time, the growth of the ground and the ground should be coordinated and developed.

Peanut special fertilizer

14-16-15, 15-15-15 (shotcreting process)

18-12-10, 20-13-10, 18-18-18 (drum humic acid process)


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