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NPK 14-16-15S Tobacco Leaf Special Fertilizer

VIEWS: times Release Date:2020-04-08

 NPK 14-16-15S Tobacco Leaf Special Fertilizer

Formula: 14-16-15S

Total content: ≥45%

Shape: granular

Color: white, or customer specified color

Process: Amino Acid Compound Fertilizer

Uses: agricultural fertilizer

Brand: Huaqiang

place of origin: China

Type: Manufacturer


OEM: Support

Payment method : T/T, L/C, cash

Quote method : FOB, CIF, EXW

Place at Origin : China

Application : Agricultural fertilizer

Price: Welcome to request by mail

1. Granulation by spraying: The particles are smooth and easy to dissolve, and the absorption and utilization rate are high.

2. Pure potassium sulfate: Sulfur content ≥10, effectively improve the soil, increase the content of sugar and protein in the crop body, greatly improve the quality of the crop, and enhance the ability of the crop to resist stress.

3. Add trace elements: promote crop quality and yield increase.

Suitable for melons, grapes, strawberries, fruit trees, leafy vegetables, potatoes, eggplants, onions and garlic, flowers, tea, seedlings and other crops as a base fertilizer (30-50kG / mu for land preparation, 1-1.5KG furrow application for fruit trees ). Topdressing dosage 5-10kG / mu / time (fruit tree topdressing 0.5-1KG / plant)


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