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NPK 20-20-20 Water soluble fertilizer supplier

VIEWS: times Release Date:2020-01-04

NPK 20-20-20 Water soluble fertilizer Main ingredients


Total nitrogen (N)% 20 Total phosphorus (P2O5)% 20 Total potassium (K2O)% 20 Iron (chelated)% 0.04 Copper (chelated)% 0.02 Manganese (chelated)% 0.02 Zinc (chelated )% 0.01 boron% 0.01molybdenum% 0.001


NPK 20-20-20 Water soluble fertilizerEfficacy characteristics


Fast water-soluble: The product is 100% completely soluble in water, suitable for various crops and soils, especially for foliar spraying and drip irrigation in dry and rainy areas. No stirring is required during the application process, which is suitable for various irrigation and fertilization systems, and has a cleaning effect on the pipeline.


Quick nutrition: Phosphorus in the product exists in the form of phosphate ions, all are available phosphorus, nitrogen exists in the form of ammonium ions, potassium exists in the form of potassium ions, which is easily absorbed by crops, and the effect of less dosage when fertilizing is obvious.


Green and safe: Free of chloride ions and other harmful impurities, long-term application will not compact the soil.

Applicable crops

Recommended   crops

Applicable   period



Fruit tree

Litchi / Longan   / Mango / Persimmon / Sugar Cane / Banana / 枇杷 / Lianwu / Carambola / Kiwi / Tangerine / Navel Orange / Sucrose   Tangerine / Pomelo / Peach / Li / Pear / Apple / Apricot / Jujube / Big   Cherry / Myrica Luo Han Guo / Grape / Strawberry

Vegetative   growth and post-harvest

Spraying: 600-1000 times 7-10 days / time

Drip irrigation: 3-5 kg / mu 7-10 days / time

Washing: 5-10 kg / mu 10-15 days / time

Quickly replenish various nutrients, comprehensive and   balanced nutrition, increase yield and enhance quality

Fruits and   vegetables

Cantaloupe / Watermelon / Winter Melon / Bitter Gourd /   Cucumber / Luffa Gourd / Zucchini / Tomato / Chili / Eggplant / Bean Bean /   Blue Bean

Cabbage / Traditional Vegetable / Western Vegetable /   Spinach / Lettuce / Rapeseed

Full growth   period


Tobacco leaf /   tea / mulberry / rice / cotton / wheat / jasmine / flower / ginseng / tianqi   / yam / lily / dendrobium candidum / potato

Full growth   period

Water soluble fertilizer Precautions

1. Avoid mixing with strong alkaline pesticides;

2. Sealed in a cool, dry and dark place, away from children;


3. The dosage should be increased or decreased as appropriate at the seedling stage or in an adverse environment;


4. A small difference in agglomeration and color is normal and does not affect fertilizer efficiency;


5. Please consult your local distributor or agro-technical staff for specific fertilization dosage, and use it as appropriate according to local soil fertility.




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