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17-17-17 NPK Compound Fertilizer

VIEWS: times Release Date:2019-12-23

17-17-17 NPK compound fertilizeris divided into amino acid compound fertilizer, high tower compound fertilizer, potassium sulfate type compound fertilizer, BB fertilizer, etc. according to different processes.

Urine-based compound fertilizer 17-17-17 NPK
Product features: Environmental protection, high nutrients, fast fertilizer effect, fast absorption, good water solubility, high utilization rate.

Compound fertilizer 17-17-17 (potassium sulfate type)
1. High yield and quality, sufficient nutrients. Uniform particles, good hardness, sufficient content, and long-lasting fertilizer effect. 2. International technology, increase production and income. Adopt international leading technology, excellent quality, good quality of agricultural products, and significant increase in crop yield.

Bulk Blending Fertilizer 17-17-17
This product has a high nutrient content, which can meet the nutritional needs of crops at different periods, is conducive to balanced fertilization, and improves fertilizer utilization rate. It is widely used in crops such as corn, wheat, rice, soybeans, cotton, peanuts, and vegetables, and is easy to be planted or spread. , Can be used as a base fertilizer or topdressing.



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