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Superfert Fertilizer: NPK 23:10:5 + 6s +1Zn

VIEWS: times Release Date:2021-04-17

Superfert Fertilizer: NPK 23:10:5 + 6s +1Zn

Superfert Fertilizer: NPK 23:10:5 + 6s +1Zn

NPK is a nitrogenous fertilizer with a ratio of 23% Nitrogen, 10% Phosphorous, 5% Potassium and micronutrients Sulphur and Zinc.

NPK 23:10:5 + 6s +1Zn  COA

A part of the nitrogen is nitrate form which is directly absorbed by the plant. A well-timed application of Huaqiang minimizes nitrogen losses compared to other NPK and straight fertilizers. A more efficient nitrogen source also means a lower loss of nutrients to the environment.


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