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How to identify the quality of organic fertilizer products?

VIEWS: times Release Date:2021-01-23

The soil needs organic fertilizer, but not cheap organic fertilizer, nor fake organic fertilizer. How to identify the quality of organic fertilizer products?

organic fertilizer products

1. Look at the raw materials

As the saying goes, "compound fertilizer depends on nutrients, and organic fertilizer depends on raw materials." At present, there are many organic fertilizer raw materials on the market, and the product quality varies greatly, and the effect is very different.

The best organic fertilizer is plant-derived organic fertilizer. Good plant-derived organic fertilizers include: bean cake, peanut cake, rapeseed cake, cassava residue, etc. Such as peanut hulls, chaff, corn stalks, wood chips (mushroom sticks), etc., which are mainly non-degradable macromolecular structures such as lignin and cellulose, are not good organic fertilizer raw materials.

Raw materials like chicken dung, pig dung, sheep dung, cow dung, etc. mainly contain a large number of bacteria, eggs, antibiotics, and other problems. It is also a good organic fertilizer raw material if the process is perfect and can be treated harmlessly.

Urban sludge, paper mill paper sludge, etc., have high heavy metal content, causing serious man-made pollution to soil and crops.

2. Look at the production process

Good raw materials require good production techniques. Organic fertilizers that are not fully fermented are not only ineffective, but more importantly, unsafe. After full fermentation or multiple fermentations, coupled with large-scale factory production and strict quality control, good organic fertilizers can be produced. If it is simply piled, not fully fermented, or over-fermented, it will not become a real good organic fertilizer.

3. Look at the water content

The moisture content of a good organic fertilizer should be neither dry nor wet. How to judge? Grab a handful of fertilizer and squeeze it in your hand, you can feel some moisture in the palm of your hand, and then let go, the fertilizer can spread out on its own, and the fertilizer in this state is better. Of course, there are national standards for moisture indicators.

4. Look at water solubility

Generally speaking, fertilizers with high water solubility are better, and this is an important feature of organic fertilizers. Fill a mineral water bottle with half of the water, then grab a handful of organic fertilizer to dissolve it, and then pour the water bottle over to see if the color of the water is layered after it is dissolved, and if there is any precipitation at the bottom. , If there is no sediment at the bottom, it means that the water solubility of this organic fertilizer is better.


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