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How to fertilize potassium sulfate

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Potassium sulfate is a chemically neutral and physical acid fertilizer, which is widely used in various soils and various crops, especially chlorides. Potassium sulfate replaces potassium chloride and becomes a good potassium fertilizer.

How to fertilize potassium sulfate

The specific methods of using potassium sulfate are as follows:

(1) It can be used as base fertilizer.

When potassium sulfate is used as a base fertilizer in dry fields, the soil must be covered deeply to reduce the fixation of potassium crystals and facilitate the absorption of crop roots and increase the utilization rate.

(2) Used as top dressing.

Since potassium has a relatively small mobility in the soil, it should be applied in concentrated strips or holes to soil layers with dense roots to promote absorption.

(3) It can be used as seed fertilizer and extra-root topdressing. 

The amount of seed fertilizer is 1.5-2.5 kg per mu, and it can also be made into a 2%-3% solution for extra-root topdressing.


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