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Is humic acid "organic"?

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Humic acid fertilizer

The fertility of the soil is one of the main determinants to make crops grown better. The content of organic matter in the soil determines the fertility of the soil.

Organic matter is not equal to humic acid

1. Polymer chemists believe that the content of lignin determines the content of humic acid.

2. Soil scientists believe that soil organic matter forms humus-humic acid through natural mineralization/humification.

3. Coal chemical experts believe that peat, weathered coal, and lignite are rich in humic acid.

4. The organic matter that people usually refer to is mainly made of crop stalks, livestock manure, industrial by-products (distiller's grains, sugar factory waste residue, animal skins, etc.), urban kitchen waste, etc. as raw materials. Most of the lignin content is very low. It is difficult to form industrial grade humic acid.

In summary, organic matter ≠ humic acid, but humic acid must be the best organic matter.


The "five functions" of humic acid fertilizers in agriculture (improving soil, synergizing fertilizers, stimulating growth, enhancing stress resistance, and improving quality),

"Four agent functions" (drought-resistant agents, growth regulators, pesticide slow-release synergists and chemical element complexing agents),

"Three effects" (low-carbonization, ecologicalization, high-quality),

"Two highs and three lows" (high fertilizer utilization, high crop yields, low fertilization rates, low fertilization times, and low harmful gas emissions),

"Sanjihua" (fertilizer synergist, soil conditioner, rhizosphere growth stimulator) effect,

It fully shows that humic acid fertilizer is an important force with the most vitality in the national chemical fertilizer zero growth action.


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