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Main points of corn trumpet period management

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The corn trumpet stage usually appears 45-50 days after sowing. The parallel stage of vegetative and reproductive growth of corn is a critical period for field management. The purpose of management at this time is to promote stalks and strong ears, not only to ensure that the roots, stems and leaves of the corn plants grow vigorously, but also to ensure that the ears develop well. The following points should be grasped when managing:

Main points of corn trumpet period management

Top dressing in time: The big trumpet period is the period when corn needs the most amount of fertilizer and the strongest demand for fertilizer in this life. During this period, top dressing must be strengthened to prevent defertilization. Fertilize according to soil fertility and seedling condition. Use 20-30 kg of good square seeds per acre 24-6-16cl. Topdressing should be deep into the soil 10cm. After fertilization, cover the soil in time. Try not to spread the ground surface to improve fertilizer utilization.

Reasonable watering: The corn trumpet period is in the high temperature season and is the key period of corn water demand. Watering after fertilization can change the microclimate in the field, which is conducive to pollination of corn and raising the rate of fruit set. Corn is afraid of waterlogging, and if there is too much rain, it is necessary to do a good job of drainage in combination with the field moisture.

Disease and insect pest prevention and control: This period focuses on the prevention and control of corn borer, cotton bollworm, red spider and aphids. The occurrence of diseases and insect pests should be investigated at any time in the field.

Corn borer is made of 50% phoxim emulsifiable concentrate, 90% crystal trichlorfon, 48% chlorpyrifos 500 ml, added with appropriate amount of water, mixed with 25 kg of fine sand or fine dry soil, and made into poisonous soil, which has good control effect.

Starscream is controlled with 45 ml of 1% pyridaben emulsifiable concentrate and sprayed with 50 kg of water;

Helicoverpa armigera can be controlled with 400-fold droplets of female spike filaments based on insect pests.


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