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Use of sodium nitrate in industrial production

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Sodium nitrate is a widely used chemical reagent, mainly used in chemical, metallurgy, production and other fields; the specific use of sodium nitrate in industrial production is described in detail below.

Use of sodium nitrate in industrial production

   1, sodium nitrate is mostly used as a chemical reagent in chemical analysis.

   2. The enamel industry is used as flux, oxidant and raw material for formulating enamel powder.

   3. In the glass industry, sodium nitrate can be used as a decolorizing agent, defoaming agent, clarifying agent and oxidation flux for various glasses and products.

   4. The chemical fertilizer industry is used as a quick-acting fertilizer for acid soil, especially for root crops, such as sugar beet, radish, etc.

   5, the inorganic industry used as a decoloring agent for molten caustic soda and for the manufacture of other nitrates. Used as a coloring agent for meat processing in the food industry, it can prevent the meat from spoiling and can play a seasoning role.

   6. The dye industry is used as a raw material for the production of picric acid and dyes.

   7. Sodium nitrate in metallurgical industry can be used as heat treatment agent for steel making and aluminum alloy.

   8. Jicheng Industry is used as a metal cleaning agent and a ferrous metal blueing agent.

   9, the pharmaceutical industry as a culture medium for penicillin.

   10. The cigarette industry is used as a flammable agent for tobacco.

  In summary, the use of sodium nitrate is extremely wide, and its toxicity is not large, compared to other chemical substances, it is considered a relatively safe chemical reagent. But when using it, you should not take it lightly. No matter what you do, you need to put safety first.


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