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Best NPK fertilizer for apricot tree

VIEWS: times Release Date:2020-06-28

To achieve high-quality and high-yield apricot trees, the most suitable content of chemical components in the leaves is nitrogen 2.8%~2.85%, phosphorus 0.39%~0.40%, potassium 3.90%~4.10%, and the ratio of nitrogen to potassium in the leaves is maintained at 0.86~0.92 , You can reach the highest output level.

base fertilizer

Best NPK fertilizer for apricot tree

Apricot tree base fertilizer is best applied in autumn, and base fertilizer is the main fertilizer for one year. Most of the fertilizers are rich in organic fertilizers, and some quick-acting nitrogen fertilizers can also be mixed to accelerate the fertilizer effect. According to the experience of the apricot production area, generally 50kg of farmyard manure and other manure fertilizer for each tree in the full fruiting period, or 7-10kg of cake fertilizer such as bean cake or 15-20kg of chicken fertilizer, and appropriately mixed with superphosphate, ammonium nitrate, etc. .

Top dressing

Best NPK fertilizer for apricot tree

The top dressing application period should be based on apricot tree growth and development and phenological period. It should be carried out in the critical period when nutrition is needed, which can be divided into:

Before flower

After the soil is thawed in spring, it is applied in a timely manner half a month before flowering to supplement the lack of storage nutrients of the tree, to ensure that the flowering is neat and consistent, pollination and fertilization are good, improve fruit setting rate, promote root growth and increase the early growth of new shoots.

After flower

It is applied after flowering, mainly with quick-acting nitrogen fertilizer, combined with phosphorus and potassium fertilizers, to supplement the consumption of nutrients during flowering, improve fruit setting and promote the growth of new shoots.

Flower Bud Differentiation Fertilizer

Introduced before flower bud differentiation or hard nucleus period. Its function is to supplement the nutrient consumption of young fruit and new shoot growth, promote flower bud differentiation and fruit enlargement, especially for early fruit ripening and embryo and nucleus development.

Fruit Booster

It is applied 15 to 20 days before fruit harvest, mainly using quick-acting potash fertilizer. The purpose is to promote the second rapid expansion of fruits of middle and late ripening varieties, increase fruit size, increase yield, improve fruit quality, and increase sugar content.

Harvesting fertilizer

After the fruit is harvested, nitrogen fertilizer is mainly used, combined with phosphorus and potassium fertilizers. This top dressing is mainly for mid-late mature varieties and weak trees that consume more nutrients, compensate for the lack of nutrients caused by a large number of results, restore the tree application, increase the accumulation of nutrients in the tree, enrich the branches and improve the ability to withstand cold in winter, Lay the foundation for high yield next year.

The amount of fertilization of apricot trees should be determined according to factors such as the age of the trees, the strength of the trees, the results, the soil conditions, the quality of fertilizers, and the amount of fertilizers applied over the years. That is, "look at the tree, look at the ground, and look at the yield" can determine the amount of fertilizer applied more appropriately.


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