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Best NPK fertilizer for peach tree

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When does the peach tree fertilize well?

1. The base fertilizer for peach trees

Best NPK fertilizer for peach tree

Peach trees prefer autumn. It can be applied before and after the fall of the peach tree in combination with autumn turning, and a 40 cm deep groove or radial groove can be applied under the tree.

2. Topdressing of peach trees

Best NPK fertilizer for peach tree

Peach trees are generally topdressed 2 to 3 times a year, mainly with quick-acting nitrogen fertilizers, combined with phosphorus and potassium fertilizers. If it is a high-yield garden, you can apply 1 or 2 times more.

(1) Topdressing before germination of peach tree: Apply it 1~2 weeks before peach tree germination after spring soil thawing to promote the growth of root system and new shoots, ensure good flowering and fertilization, and improve fruit setting rate. .

(2) Topdressing after flowering of peach trees: This topdressing is mainly to promote the growth of new shoots and fruits and reduce fruit drop. You can apply a quick-acting nitrogen fertilizer 1 to 2 weeks after flowering.

(3) Topdressing in the peach hard-core period: the topdressing time is generally in the first half of June. At this time, top dressing can promote embryo and nucleus development, flower bud differentiation, and fruit enlargement. It can also lay the foundation for the next year's results. This fertilization requires the combined application of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium fertilizers.

(4) Top dressing of peach fruit during the expansion period: For the middle and late maturing varieties, the top dressing should be based on nitrogen fertilizer, and applied with potassium fertilizer to improve fruit yield and quality.

(5) Topdressing after peach harvest: After the fruit is harvested, it should be applied once with phosphorus and potassium, supplemented with nitrogen fertilizer to supplement the tree's consumption of fertilizer, strengthen the tree's nutrient accumulation, and improve the ability to overwinter to ensure the continued high yield of the orchard in the coming year .


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