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The difference and connection between water-soluble fertilizer and foliar fertilizer, drip irrigation fertilizer and flush fertilizer

VIEWS: times Release Date:2020-06-27

1. Foliar fertilizer: The general foliar fertilizer mainly includes the following categories: trace element water-soluble fertilizer, large amount of element water-soluble fertilizer, amino acid-containing water-soluble fertilizer, humic acid-containing water-soluble fertilizer, alginic acid-containing water-soluble fertilizer, seaweed extract, etc. The most common foliar fertilizers also include potassium dihydrogen phosphate and urea. They all have one thing in common is that they are very water soluble and do not block the spray head, so they are often used for foliar spraying.

Water-soluble fertilizers

2. Water-soluble fertilizers are divided into four kinds of water-soluble fertilizers, trace elements, water-soluble fertilizers containing amino acids, and water-soluble fertilizers containing humic acid. It is a quick-acting fertilizer with good water solubility and no residue. It can be completely dissolved in water. It is directly absorbed by the root system and foliage of the crop. Adopt water and fertilizer co-administration, with water and fertilizer, to achieve the integration of water and fertilizer, its effective absorption rate is more than double that of ordinary chemical fertilizer, reaching 80%-90%; and fast fertilizer efficiency, can solve the high-yielding crops during the rapid growth period of nutritional needs . It can be either foliar fertilizer, irrigation or drip irrigation.

3. Chong fertilization: Chong fertilization is named according to usage, that is, a method of fertilizing with water after the fertilizer is dissolved in water, so compound fertilizers on the market, amino acid fertilizers, humic acid fertilizers, a large number of element water-soluble fertilizers, There is also potassium fulvic acid, and even bean noodles, milk, etc. can be used for flushing.

4. Drip irrigation fertilizer: The requirements for drip irrigation fertilizer are higher than those for ordinary fertilization. That is, the products that can be used for drip irrigation fertilizer are much less. They must be water-soluble and do not block the small eyes on the drip irrigation belt. Yes, commonly used for drip irrigation are urea, potassium dihydrogen phosphate, water-soluble fertilizers of a large number of elements, water-soluble fertilizers containing amino acids and so on.

Generally, a large amount of element-soluble water-soluble fertilizers, amino acid-containing water-soluble fertilizers, alginic acid-containing water-soluble fertilizers, humic acid-containing water-soluble fertilizers, trace-element water-soluble fertilizers, potassium dihydrogen phosphate fertilizer can be used for both foliar fertilizer and flush fertilization, as well as drip irrigation fertilizer. It is possible to use a small amount of compound fertilizer as drip irrigation fertilizer, but water solubility is not very good. Long-term use will block small holes, so it is generally not recommended to use it, especially some imported drip irrigation facilities with higher costs.


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