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Important crops and distribution in Southeast Asia

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Important crops and distribution in Southeast Asia

There are 11 countries in the region of Bai in Southeast Asia. The distribution Du of each crop in each country is as follows:

Vietnam: economic Zhi crops include natural rubber, Dao jute, sugarcane, coffee, tea, tobacco, pepper, etc;

Laos: economic crops include rubber, coffee, shellac and cotton;

Cambodia: cash crops include rubber, pepper, cotton, tobacco, sugar brown, sugarcane, coffee and coconut;

Thailand: cash crops include rubber, sugarcane, mung bean, hemp, frozen fish, frozen shrimp and various tropical fruits;

Myanmar: cash crops include cotton, jute, rubber, sugarcane, tobacco, coffee, etc;

Malaysia: agriculture is dominated by cash crops, mainly including rubber, oil palm, pepper, cocoa and tropical fruits, etc;

Singapore: Singapore has a narrow territory, poor natural resources, almost no mineral deposits and no important economic crops;

Indonesia: mainly rubber, coffee, palm oil, coconut, sugarcane, pepper, quinine, kapok, tea, etc;

Brunei: there are small areas of rice, rubber, pepper, coconut and other tropical crops;

Philippines: coconut, sugarcane, Manila hemp and tobacco are the four major economic crops in the Philippines;

East Timor (independence in 1975): cash crops include coffee, rubber, sandalwood, coconut, etc.


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