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NPK 25-13-7 Low chlorine high tower compound fertilizer

VIEWS: times Release Date:2020-04-20

NPK 25-13-7 Low chlorine high tower compound fertilizer

Formula: NPK 25-13-7

Total content: ≥45%

Shape: granular

Color: white, or customer specified color

Process: Amino Acid Compound Fertilizer

Uses: agricultural fertilizer

Brand: Huaqiang

place of origin: China

Type: Manufacturer


OEM: Support

Payment method : T/T, L/C, cash

Quote method : FOB, CIF, EXW

Place at Origin : China

Application : Agricultural fertilizer

Price: Welcome to request by mail:

The color of the compound fertilizer is the original color of the raw material, the particles are uniform and smooth; the nutrients are complete, no residue is left after melting, the crops absorb quickly and the utilization rate is high; the use is flexible and convenient, the bulk crops are used as the base fertilizer and top dressing, and the vegetables and fruits can be used for furrow application and spread The effect of increasing production is obvious.

The formula is scientifically matched according to the nutrient requirements of the crop throughout the growth period. It contains a variety of physiologically active substances that activate the soil and can provide a comprehensive and balanced supply of various nutrients required for crop growth and development. It has the characteristics of low investment and high profit. .

Feature one

The scientific ratio of compound fertilizer can obviously improve the quality of crops, make the crop yield high and the quality of edible, comprehensive nutrition.

Feature two

Continuous application can improve soil, improve crop immunity, disease resistance, drought resistance, stubble resistance and lodging resistance.

Feature three

This product is added with the characteristics of slow-controlling silver, and the nutrients are released synchronously according to the plant growth cycle in the early stage to ensure full fertility in the early, middle and late stages. It is a truly controlled-release fertilizer.


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