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NPK 20-5-10 Low chlorine high tower compound fertilizer

VIEWS: times Release Date:2020-04-18

NPK 20-5-10 Low chlorine high tower compound fertilizer

Formula: NPK 20-5-10

Total content: ≥35%

Shape: granular

Color: white, or customer specified color

Process: Amino Acid Compound Fertilizer

Uses: agricultural fertilizer

Brand: Huaqiang

place of origin: China

Type: Manufacturer


OEM: Support

Payment method : T/T, L/C, cash

Quote method : FOB, CIF, EXW

Place at Origin : China

Application : Agricultural fertilizer

Price: Welcome to request by mail:


1. General high-nitrogen, low-phosphorus, medium-potassium formula, suitable for most lawn growth needs

2. All granules contain NPK to make the grass color more uniform without mixing other fertilizers

3. 50% of total nitrogen is a slow-release nitrogen component, which has obvious long-term effect and extremely high utilization rate, greatly reducing the number of fertilization

4. Rich in magnesium, iron and other trace elements to meet the lawn's demand for trace elements

5. Convenient to use, no need to water a lot after fertilization to achieve the ideal use effect

6. Fertilizer particles of uniform size, suitable for all kinds of household and agricultural fertilizing machines

7. Fertilizer price has a strong market competitiveness, suitable for domestic use and export abroad


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